Postcards Book - info

This is a handmade book that I designed with my one-panel gag cartoons.

The book is A5 size with screw binding. Each page is a postcard that can be easily removed from the book to post it. You only need to remove the screws and cut through the dotted line.

There are 51 postcards in the book.

The title of the book is a reference to the Drink&Draw event that is hosted every other Thursday on Twitter by the indie comics website Broken Frontier and the shop Gosh Comics. Every participant has 30 minutes to create a drawing that relates to one of the three themes for the evening. The drawings of this book are a selection of the entries that I've drawn for the Drink&Draw events.


For example, the theme of the image below was: Free Hugs:


Prepare your potatoes:


Rat School:


Health and Fitness:


Inmortal Vampire: